NSPCC against radicalization

NSPCC is a children’s charity in the UK that supports children to build a better future, fighting against injustices and abuses.

Since NSPCC believes that every child deserves a positive childhood, feeling comfortable in protected area, they help families addressing challenging situations, supporting parents that want to take care of their children somehow.

Through active campaigns, counselling and helplines, their actions are very effective and support the implementation of preventing measures.

Last, NSPCC carried out a campaign against Radicalization in England in order to contrast this phenomenon as long as the level of engagement of terrorist gangs are really high. To spread knowledge about this topic and to prepare parents in preventing dangerous happening, they provide a helpline to support parents in addressing this issue with their kids. Furthermore, a Childline has been set up to support children worried about the chance to be influenced by others.

The idea behind the Charity organization is that prevention is so far better than contrast.

“It might be nothing. It might be something.”