NORADICA Final Conference: dialogue vs radicalization

The research activities and Intellectual Outputs aimed by the Noradica project with the teachers involvement and feedback.

The challenges and problems of this conference have been introduced by Professor Loredana Cardullo, Head of the Department Educational Sciences, University of Catania, followed by Teresa Consoli, member of LaPoss, Concetta Tumminia, teacher of “Istituto Comprensivo Statale Fontanarossa”, Carmela Maccarone, teacher of “Liceo Statale Ettore Majorana, San Giovanni La Punta”, and Liana M. Daher, Scientific Coordinator Noradica Project, University of Catania.

The event was sponsored by Department of Education Sciences (University of Catania) and obtained a large attendance of teachers interested in the theme of radicalization and interreligious dialogue, despite the report of the weather alert by the Civil Protection for the day of the conference.

The event began with the presentation of the Noradica Project Overview and discussions of results with the speeches by the partners delegates. Professor Kevin McDonald, Middlesex University London UK, authoritative expert on radicalization, spoke about radicalization pathways through students’ experiences within multicultural classes. He pointed out the importance of NORADICA project in preventing risky behaviours in young people and this was a great achievement for the project.

To the keynote speech followed several national academics and stakeholders presentations on similar issues.

The conference closed with an exciting debate and common plans for future.


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Presentation of the project by the partners:

Prof. McDonald presentation: