Inter-religious dialogue against radicalization of youth through INNOVAtive learning practices at school

“The aim is to foster the process of understanding the structural diversity of EU society as a value instead of a barrier to reach a peaceful coexistence.”

NORADICA Project aims to launch a dialogue focused on a better understanding for the prevention of radicalization of youth. The project will consist of several steps and will provide for a mixed strategy of advancing knowledge on youth radicalization risk factors and for the implementation of experimental educational activities and workshops carried out in some leading‐schools in order to provide teachers with useful tools for their classroom work together with set of interactive learning tools and materials also for students.

The project NORADICA aims to provide channels of dialogue for cooperation between schools and religious presence in the construction of shared vision for training EU teachers in spreading religious dialogue among students in anti-radicalisation sense.
One of the highest priorities is to help prospective teachers in acquiring the attitudes knowledge, skills, and dispositions to work effectively with culturally diverse students. Schools, colleges, and departments of education must assume the responsibility of preparing all teachers, regardless of race, to teach in culturally diverse classrooms.